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The Art of Changing Things (ACT)


The Total Awareness Corporation's The Art of Changing Things (ACT) is an art program dedicated to developing and the support of aspiring artists. Its objective is to involve all ages particularly the youth in art education. This program's desire is to encourage the students to actively participate in the process of creative arts.

ACT was designed to engage the minds of those whose conduct has limited them from exploring their life's potential through an artistic perspective. Its passion is to open the program to all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and ages. We offer support and educational services that help to develop one's overall learning ability. Our program enhances a student's skills in the creative art processes while interacting with others. We believe participation in this program increases art appreciation, and opportunities for artistic expression, and enriches the quality of life for the community and future businesses.

Education benefits the students receive through The Act of Changing Things (ACT) art program: