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Total Awareness Corporation

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Now or Never (There Is A Cure) Say No Program


The Total Awareness Corporation's "Now or Never" (NON) program allows the youth to express their alternative solution from negative to positive behavior through the creative art of acting - peer-to-peer portrayals of themselves dancing, and singing.

Now or Never program was born out of frustration and concern for our youth's present and future lives. Our program provides our youth who are at risk, with the appropriate preventive counseling in drug abuse, premarital sex, unlawful conduct, and sexually transmitted diseases. We will discuss positive solutions to change the negative influences in their environment.


The NON plan gives our youth incentive to gain knowledge, and to explore the many positive opportunities through proper education. Our youth are taught how to express themselves in a positive manner by participating in youth conferences and plays with adult guidance and support.


We believe definitely that our program influences our youth to make the right choices in their lives.

These activities help our youth to create a safe and positive environment for themselves as well as the community in which they live.