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It's a Different World


The Total Awareness Corporation's "It's a Different World" (IDW) is a program that has a vision which encourages youth to think collectively out of the box in order to move on to creating legitimate opportunities. Science, civics, engineering, environmental and economic development, along with other inquiry-based subjects get pushed aside in favor of more basic subjects that are easy to teach.

Our new world is a profound irony, considering that what society needs from young adults, and what businesses need from workers, is the ability to inquire, analyze, and discern.

IDW encourage the youth to pick something in the world or the community they want to change and then act on it. This way they can see the direct results of their local positive activities. As they look globally and begin a process of thinking out of the box, they find ways and means of solving urban/inner-city challenges.

With this broader more wholistic teaching, young people inquire and ask questions about how their communities work so they begin to understand the purpose of education and realize that without it, they cannot be effective change agents in their world.

Schools increasingly focus more on the answer than the question. Teachers are deemed "successful" if their students answer exam questions correctly. After all, answers change. Information changes should push our youth to inquire and find new, different answers to our constantly changing complex situations.

Knowledge is power. The IDW program provides education and training to teach our youth and young adults how to make sound decisions. Youth learn about our world's environment. That is to say that the world is much more than their immediate community. For example, we explore many facets of opportunities that will afford them more possibilities to obtain higher education. They learn the many professional opportunities available and careers that are in demand presently and in the future. Also, they are taught how to use that information to decide career paths and their prerequisites. The response to such concerns for a solution will include but not be limited to a greener economy by growing organic, recycling materials, retrofitting systems, and clean energy.

Valuing education and seeking knowledge results in better lives, better communities, and a better future for our youth. We must, therefore, use every means available to motivate, and to inspire our youth to value education and to seek knowledge.